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About Pope's


It’s How You’d Make It You Had Time

That’s not only our company motto, but pretty much our story as well. Pope’s Kitchen is me; Clark Pope, and this company exists because I kept “finding the time” to make things the way I thought they should be made – natural, local, fresh.

It started when I was a kid – I may have been the only person to read “Little House on the Prairie” and come away impressed with how they smoked and cured meats, preserved vegetables, and canned fruits.

Flash forward to college, where I began experimenting more, and did what I could on a student budget, often hosting “stone soup” events with friends and classmates.

Newly married to a brilliant research scientist, and working a “corporate” job, I still tried to work out “How I’d make it” when I had the time, building an outdoor stone oven, and making cheeses, wine, and sausage in a self-made cold room.

Suddenly, I was a young father, ditching the corporate job (with my understanding wife’s approval) to teach and cater, combining my two passions and seeing if I could make a living at it.

As my wife is a cancer researcher, we began to host a yearly BBQ to raise funds for breast cancer research. And gradually “You should sell this” became “I would buy this” when a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) challenged me to make use of some local tomatoes.

Which brings us to today – 30 FDA registered products, made in a fully inspected commercial kitchen which I share with some equally dedicated makers. But the tomatoes are still local, some from the same fields my first batch came from. All the products are as fresh, natural, and preservative-free as I can make them, often using the same methods of food safety, controlling for acid levels  (pH), water activity and temperature,  that the Ingalls family used all those years ago. This lets me make shelf stable, natural products for you to enjoy.

It’s How You’d Make It If You Had Time

Thank You

Clark Pope